Monday, September 10, 2007

Cool event for NC breastfeeding moms!

LLL of NC is celebrating 40 years of helping breastfeeding mothers and babies in North Carolina in 2007!!!

Dr. Robert Sears (son of Dr. William Sears) will be speaking at the La Leche League of North Carolina 2007 Breastfeeding & Parenting Conference to be held on November 2nd-4th at the Hilton Executive Park, Charlotte.

His topics will be:

Attachment Parenting: The Science Behind the Style


Vaccines: Making an Educated Decision for Your Child

Other Special Guests include:

Leanne Ely, Author of Saving Dinner and and co-Author of Body Clutter, written with FlyLady's Marla Cilley


Katherine Dettwyler, Ph.D, Professor of Anthropology.

Parenting & Breastfeeding Session topics to include:

-Sharing sleep safely
-Vegetarian Cooking Class
-Raising Your Spirited Child
-Protecting Your Child's Self-Esteem
-Baby Wearing
-Fathers Only Session
-The over-scheduled child
-Car Seat Safety
-Creative Parenting for the Teen Years
-Attachment Parenting Impact as Children Grow
-When Others Disagree (dealing with criticism of your parenting choices)
-Finding the right nursing bra for you

...and many, many more!