Friday, January 30, 2009

DD got 2nd place in the Regional Spelling Bee!

Of course, I wasn't there because the boy has an event at school, so DH took her to the bee, but it was all of the charter schools in our region participating and she won 2nd place! Yay! They're giving us an audio CD of it, so that should be fun LOL

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Orthodontist or Weight Loss Clinic?

I took my DD to her orthodontist today to get the molds of her teeth and such. I got up to the counter and the lady behind the counter takes a copy of my insurance card since I forgot it last time. She says "Can I ask you a personal question and you won't get offended?" My standard answer to that is "well, that depends". Here's how the rest of it goes:

Her: Well, I wondered if you are taking any kind of medication.

Me: I asked what she meant.

Her: Well, like, do you take anything for.................thyroid or anything?

Me: Yes, I do.

Her: Does it make you puffy? Well I ask because a girlfriend of mine takes it, but SHE is skinny, but she takes it and if she misses a day, she gets puffy. I just wanted to know if that happens to you.

Me: Ah well, you're not supposed to skip days, and I've never noticed that when I ever did.

Her: Oh, I ask you because she also sells diet pills that really work. I think they are herbal or something. I took them and I lost like 22 pounds in a month and I've kept it off.

Me: Oh really? And then I grabbed my insurance card from her hand and went to sit in the waiting area with my daughter. Of course, I was at a total loss for words and did not show that I wanted to throttle this woman.

Her: Oh, I hope I didn't offend you, sorry if I did.

Me: Oh gosh, you're fine.

Why did I say it was fine? I was also so angry that I probably would have cried had I actually addressed it.

Monday, January 26, 2009

So the Brits were too "nice" to survive the Titanic disaster

This is interesting.

They found that British passengers, who queued for a place in one of only 20 lifeboats provided for the 2,223 on board, had 10 percent lower chance of survival than any other nationality.

In contrast, Americans, who reportedly elbowed their way to the front of lines, had a 12 percent higher probability of survival than British subjects.

"Be British, boys, be British!" the captain, Edward John Smith, shouted out, according to witnesses.

"Being British" meant to forget mass panic behavior — everyone looking after themselves — and rather follow the social norm of "women and children first."

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Mad Men

Okay, I got Season One DVDs and have watched a few episodes and I LOOOOVE it.

One thing about it that cracks me up is that there are so many things in it that make me cringe like the pregnant women smoking and drinking, the cluelessness of the wives as to who their husbands are, the constant smoking, just stuff that I KNOW happened, I just find them funny to watch.

Oh, and I am in love with Don Draper now.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Sober House is a big ole downer!

I enjoyed Celebrity Rehab, but Sober House is bumming my shit out, dude. Steven is a mess and I am starting to become annoyed that they are even letting him stay just to exploit him. Any other place would have had him out on his ass, but they keep him there for entertainment value. I can't stand to see how screwed up he is. I feel like it will only get worse. It doesn't seem like many of them are going to stay sober.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

2009 can bite me!

There's been someone (and at times everyone) sick in my house every day of 2009 so far. Just when I thought we were kicking it, I've been feeling shitty all day and my son's teacher called me to pick him up from school because his "tummy hurts" and he has a lowgrade fever. W-T-F?

Monday, January 19, 2009

If it snows, you need milk apparently

Why is it that when people start talking about snow, the next thing you hear is that they've already been to the store to get milk. Not water. Not fruit or canned food that could be consumed in the event of a power outage...but milk. It makes me totally insane. WHY MILK? Do people really NOT go a day without milk? Mind you, we are in an area where if it snows, you might be out for a day or so, but we don't get "snowed in".

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Bride Wars -not spoiler, just review

I took DD to see this. It had terrible reviews, but she was interested and I am a Kate Hudson fan, so we went.

You know, it was a chick flick. I didn't leave feeling like I had wasted 90 minutes because I expected a chick flick and that's what I got. It was cute and it was ALLLLL about weddings. It wasn't as crazy as an episode of Bridezillas, but pretty close.

If you have 90 minutes to kill and a teenage daughter or a girlfriend to hang with, go see it, it's cute. I seem to get teary at just about every movie these days and this was no exception.

1st Place, 2nd Place, 3rd Place!

That art contest I was telling you all about where DD's art teacher submitted her photos? She won 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in the Photography category!!! Her photos are going on to a regional contest!

Posting them in order from 1st place to 3rd.

This first place one, people were DYING over it and we overheard one lady say to another "I'd buy that". LOL

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Sickness be gone!!!

I am tired of sickness in my house! My son was sick and was home most of last week, and now I am sick so now that my kids are better and back in school, I STILL can't get shit done.

I was up a lot of last night with chills and fever and I have this cough. I don't WANT to go get chest x rays again. I don't WANT to pay yet another copay to go sit in a SICK ROOM with a bunch of people who probably have worse than me. I may have to, though, because when I had pneumonia in OCTOBER/NOVEMBER, the z-pack knocked it out. I suspect I may be developing it again.


Monday, January 12, 2009

So proud of my girl!

She has incredible talent as a visual artist. She draws and paints amazing pictures, but she also came across photography by accident. I bought a digital SLR last summer and she's always got her hands on it. One day, I uploaded it all to my computer and realized that she has such an amazing eye and perspective.

Her art teacher called me this morning to tell me that she wants to enter Morgan's photography into a contest where she could win some money. Not a ton of money, but money. I didn't have anything the required size (8x10), so I had to send some stuff to one hour photo and she is going to submit them all. There are 2 categories, black and white and color. Here are some of the photos that she is submitting:

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Dexter married Debra

I am a huge, huge, huge Dexter fan. DH and I both are. This just sort of ooks me out and fascinates me. And ooks me out a little. They're brother and sister on the show. Not biological, but still...

I just finally got used to him being hetero after watching Six Feet Under for all of those this!

From Perez Hilton: Secretly dating and JUST MARRIED

Thursday, January 8, 2009

I have big plans to leave the house today. Or at least get dressed.

I am tired of being at home. DS stayed home yesterday because he was sick and again today. I can't deal with being in the house all day and I SO have some shopping today, but can't drag him out with his cough and the cold and all of that jazz. I am losing my miiiiind. I got mad at DH because he wanted to go to bed early last night and I wanted to some adult human contact...just like sitting in the same room together with an adult. Poor dude. I made him stay up with me because I was feeling all shut-in.

My big plan today is to shower and wear something other than pajamas or yoga pants. Maybe I'll do laundry.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I want my mommy! I'm scared!

It's been really windy and ugly here all day. Last year when we had winds a tree fell on our house. The city put these flimsy trees that grow really tall just outside our property and the howling wind is making them sway and snap. A few have snapped today down in the little creek, but the ones next to my bedroom are like swaying and stuff! It would suck to have one crash through my window.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

BWI: Breastfeeding while intoxicated?

Woman accused of drunken breastfeeding

A Durham mother is accused of taking her baby to a Middletown bar and later breast-feeding the infant while intoxicated.Police said Allanah Earley, 36, brought the baby to the Eagles Club on Stack Road Friday evening. They said while at the bar, Earley had seven drinks. They said she then wandered out into the cold with the baby, and eventually brought the child to a friend's house, where she had more drinks."As soon as you start nursing the child, you know everything that goes in you can be affecting the child, whether it's an aspirin or cup of coffee," Guilford resident Susan Welsh said.Police said Earley then breast-fed the 3-week-old infant while still intoxicated.
Police said friends at the bar called police because they were worried about Earley. When officers arrived, police said Earley was unable to stand upright and was near-combative with officers.Earley was charged with risk of injury to a minor and remains held on a $10,000 bond. Police said more arrests are possible in the investigation.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Hand sanitizer = soap & water?

This annoys me to no end. Recently, I was in a bathroom and went up to the basin and watched as this lady left a stall with her daughter and just squirted her hands with sanitizer and said "this is good", and left. No water. No soap.

What annoys me MORE is that I sub at my kids' school quite a bit. Apparently some teachers have their students line up before snack or a meal and after recess time to get a squirt of hand sanitizer and go on about their business. The kids cannot believe it when I actually march them all to the sink and make them wash with soap and water.

It scares me to think that we are raising our kids to think that you don't have to wash your hands if you have a bottle of Purell. Never mind that you had to handle that bottle of Purell with your dirty hands to squirt some out.


Sunday, January 4, 2009

Muslim family kicked off of a plane

Oh this just chaps my hide!

And they had to pay for tickets to get back on? They should have kicked the idiot who complained off.

Man's last lotto ticket wins his widow millions!


I mean about the ticket...not the dead guy.