Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Skitter giveaway at Ohana Mama

The Ohana Mama

I would love to win this Skitter Toy at The Ohana Mama! These are a LOT of fun and they're really "in" for the kids right now! You can win it here.

Clarisonic PLUS Skincare System with Spot Therapy Giveaway!

I've been using the professional-caliber Clarisonic Skin Care System for a little over a year. I bought Clarisonic because I noticed that my local spa was using it for facials and I tend to get flaky, dry build-up and never feel like my skin is clean with just regular cleansing.

My first Clarisonic was the classic 2-speed Skin Care system. My daughter and I both use it and she uses the delicate brush head while I prefer the sensitive skin brush head, so we just switch them out so that we can both use it. All of the cleansers in the kit are gentle and I use them daily. I have really sensitive skin, so this is saying a lot. Here's my first Clarisonic:Like I said, I've had it for over a year and it's still going strong.

The rechargable Clarisonic Skin Care System was created by scientists, engineers and the primary inventor of the Sonicare® toothbrush.

NOW. When I heard that the Clarisonic folks had created The Clarisonic PLUS with Spot Therapy Brush, I got excited because I've always thought it would be nice to be able to use it on my body as well as my face, but the brushes with the original system weren't really made for that. The new Clarisonic PLUS has THREE speeds and when you switch the facial head out with the Spot Therapy Brush, the Clarisonic PLUS automatically shifts to "spot" mode for areas like the decollete, elbows, hands, arms & knees. Clarisonic is currently used by estheticians, doctors, dermatologists and leading spas.

My FAVORITE part about the Clarisonic and Clarisonic PLUS is that they are completely waterproof and can be used in the tub or shower. That was probably the biggest selling point for me when I was thinking about purchasing my first Clarisonic because I prefer to wash my face in the shower in the morning. It just leaves me feeling totally refreshed!

In addition to the original cleansers that come in the kit, including Refreshing Gel Cleanser, Gentle Hydro Cleanser, and Nourishing Care Cleanser, the Clarisonic PLUS Kit also includes a 2 oz. trial size of the Refining Skin Polish, which leaves your skin feeling really soft and silky. The kit also includes

  • Cordless Clarisonic® PLUS with 3 speeds
  • Universal charging cradle (100v - 240v AC; 50/60Hz)
  • Sensitive face brush head & Spot Therapy brush head
All the benefits of Clarisonic PLUS:
  • 6 times more makeup removal
  • Leaves skin feeling and looking younger and smoother
  • Cleanses so well that products absorb better
  • Gentle enough for twice daily use
  • Helps reduce oily areas, dry skin patches and blemishes
  • Helps reduce the appearance of visible pores
  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

Plus Spot Therapy for the body:

  • Fewer dry patches
  • Gentle exfoliation for softer, smoother skin
  • Firmer skin with improved texture
  • Great prep before applying self tanner
Now that I have the NEW Clarisonic PLUS Skin Care System with Spot Therapy, I will be passing my original Clarisonic down to my daughter because I LOVE the body cleansing/spot cleansing feature and I am keeping it for myself!!!

Clarisonic PLUS is available exclusively at Sephora and Clarisonic and retails for $225. If you factor in how much you'd pay for a monthly facial, you'll actually save money and time in the long run.

Clarisonic and Things Moms Like is giving away a Clarisonic PLUS Skin Care System with Spot Therapy to one lucky Things Moms Like reader!!

Here's how you can win your Clarisonic PLUS:

Initial Entry: Post a comment on why you want the Clarisonic Plus and who in your house would use it! -you must do this before completing bonus entries

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Giveaway ends June 12th

Monday, May 18, 2009

Funky Green Machine $50 Gift Certificate Giveaway!

Funky Green Machine
is a really fun shopping site created by Carl and Rhana Kennedy, which promotes "green" and eco-friendly products that are also "Uncommon Cool" as their slogan suggests. I was pleased to see that they carry Kleen Kanteen, which is a stainless steel, reusable bottle--a great, BPA-free alternative to plastic water bottles. The 18 ounce Kleen Kanteen retails for $16.45 on their website. WELL worth the savings on your wallet, your health and the environment. They fit right into the cup holders in my car, too, which is a plus!Now I don't know about you, but I LOVE bags and totes. I collect bags and totes!
Funky Green Machine's "Peeking Sal" Organic Cotton, Fair Trade Tote is adorable and I want one! It's unique and at 18"x13", this tote would hold a LOT of library books...or would look really cool while I'm riding this AWESOME Strida 5.0 Eco-Friendly, folding bicycle, which folds up for easy storage! It weighs only 22 lbs with a lightweight aluminum frame and is available in Silver, Black, Red, Yellow White and Neon Green.

Funky Green Machine also has a full offering of skin care products for kids, moms and dads. I have my eye on this really YUMMY looking Mojito Mama Sugar Scrub!

And really now...how COOL are these organic baby/kids' tees?

These are just a FEW of the things (everything on their site) that I've added to my wish list from Funky Green Machine.

Things Moms Like readers get free shipping on all orders over $25 through May 31st with the code welovethingsmomslike at the checkout.
Now...here's the best part! Funky Green Machine is giving a $50 E-Gift Certificate to one lucky Things Moms Like reader!

Here's what you do:

Initial Entry: Visit Funky Green Machine and comment here about what other items not shown in this feature you'd want to use your $50 E-Gift Certificate to buy.

Bonus Entries:

1 Entry for each of the following:
TEN BONUS ENTRIES if you purchase something today from Funky Green Machine

You must create a separate blog post entry for each of the above that you do or your entries won't count.

Winner will be responsible for shipping, except orders over $100.

Giveaway Ends June 15th

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Hip-T "Cover Your Assets" Review and Giveaway!

It seems like you can't find jeans these days that aren't low-rise. My daughter is always telling me to pull up my pants or pull down my shirt because my underwear are showing above my jeans! LOL Poor kid. Hip-Ts are such a smart idea! These t-shirt "panels" look cute because that layered look is in style and they don't add bulk because they're only worn around your hips. My daughter and I tried them.

The Hip-T is very stretchy, which is good because some of us have a little muffin top that needs disguising. They're 92% cotton and 8% spandex, which gives them a soft texture and that stretch you want.

The Hearts of Hardy
design is really cute and very trendy! It looked really cute under a plain tee.

These really did stay put and didn't slip up or down. They really do just look like you're wearing another layer. They come in a variety of colors and designs, so you can get several and have a different one to wear every day!

You can also WIN your very own Hip-T here at Things Moms Like!

Initial Entry: Visit Hip-T and come back and tell us which Hip-T you want!

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Giveaway ends June 10th

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Leisure Arts Kids Knitting Kit & DVD Giveaway

Leisure Arts publishes and offers fabulous instructional crafting books and even has some great beginnger crafting kits like "The Art of Knitting 4 Kids" Starter Kit (shown below), which includes a 99-minute DVD which shows several different ways for kids 5 and up to knit.
My son likes this DVD because it's animated with pleasant narration, and he is also learning from little boy named Ryan (who I am not sure I will ever knit on the level of) how to knit. I'm a serious beginner and I actually learned a better technique for casting on from Ryan, so even adults will benefit from watching this with their kids. It starts with fun little projects and even takes them on a visit to The Alpaca Ranch to see where the yarn comes from.

Leisure Arts' Leisure Boutique has 15% off all Kids' Craft Kits as their weekly special right now, too!

This kit retails at The Leisure Boutique for $24.95, but you can enter to win it here!

To win:

Initial Entry: Visit The Leisure Boutique and take a look around and come back here to let us know about another crafting kit or line your kids would want to try

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Giveaway ends 11:59pm on June 5th

Watch for several more awesome Leisure Arts Giveaways coming up in the coming weeks!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Boogie Wipes Giveaway!

My kids have had colds where they have had their noses wiped so much with dry tissue that they're just raw! You know that feeling because if you've had a bad cold, it's probably happened to you, too! It's the worst when you actually dread wiping or blowing your nose because it just plain hurts!!

Boogie Wipes have come up with the perfect solution for this! Boogie Wipes are made with saline to "unstick" the stubborn boogies, but they are also made with Chamomile, Vitamin E and Aloe to soothe their tender noses, moisturize and protect their skin.

Boogie Wipes sent me their three scents to try. The Magic Menthol will be just perfect for when the little ones have a cold because they have have a fresh menthol scent, which would definitely help open up stuffy noses. I like that the menthol isn't too strong, though. The Great Grape is a fun scent and my kids' favorite, but it's not obnoxious or too strong. And I ahve to admit that to see if they would dry out the skin or leave a strange residue, I actually used The Fresh Scent on my face. I just swept it over my skin like you would with one of those beauty cloths that are so popular right now. Usually scented products sting my skin and cause me to go all blotchy, but The Fresh Scent Boogie Wipes didn't! While I probably won't be using them in my daily beauty routine to cleanse my face, I would definitely keep them with me to clean any of our faces if needed. The scent that lingers is pleasant and not at all overpowering.

What's REALLY COOL is Boogie Wipes come in 30-wipe packs for $3.99/pk and you can buy "Boogies on the Run" individually-wrapped wipes for $2.99/10 pk to carry in your purse, backpack or lunchbox.

You can even get a Boogie Wipes DIAPER CAKE, which would be the perfect gift for a baby shower, newborn gift or for anyone with a baby! The Diaper Cake includes 3-30-count packs of Boogie Wipes, 20 Individually Wrapped Boogie Wipes, 50 Diapers & 1 Plush Toy.

Boogie Wipes has partnered with Things Moms Like to give away ALL THREE Boogie Wipes scents to one lucky Things Moms Like reader.

Initial Entry: To enter this giveaway, please visit the Boogie Wipes Store Locator and come back here to tell us the closest store to you that carries Boogie Wipes.

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Giveaway ends June 5th @11:59pm

Just for mom!

Moms love baby gear, cleaning products and all of those practical things, but we don't often shop just for ourselves. Next week will be "Just for Mom" week.

If you have products that you'd like featured on "Just for Mom" week, please fill out the PR form in the right column and specify that your item is "Just for Mom".

And moms...watch out! It's gonna be allll about you!