Thursday, June 23, 2005

Wow! Major Score at Nordstrom!

I have to brag. We were at the mall down in Charlotte yesterday and they have a Nordstrom, the only one in like the entire state maybe? Anyway, they were having that twice yearly sale, that is major...handbags, clothes super cheap, shoes, the whole deal! In the kids area, they sell Melissa & Doug sets, the garage, the fire house, etc. Jordan was playing with this display of the fire house and I noticed it was on the 30% off rack, so I asked the sales lady if they had more in the back. She looked and they didn't. It looked, though, like the display had all of the parts albeit played with. So, she looked it up, it was marked from $70 to $25!! I got the fire house and all the accessories for $25!

Major happy dance! Jordan is playing with it!

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

The original "eat right for your type" Ayurveda

Every time I delve back into this way of life, it makes sense, the mind/body approach. I have been listening to Deepak Chopra's Weight Loss Meditations and he really always hits home for me in his philosophy and explanations of food, our bodies and how terrible diets are for your body. I love how he lays out the path and I just need to follow it. It's all making sense.

Here's a neat site that just touches the TIP of the iceberg as far as Ayurveda & body types go.

Friday, June 10, 2005

Check out the cool luna moth that was on my screen

Wednesday, June 1, 2005

PSA: My baby got stuck in the blinds

We have THESE BLINDS on 2 windows in our bedroom. The windows are a good 3.5-4 ft off the ground, but our bed is right underneath one of them.

Yesterday, I was ironing a shirt in dd's room and ds was supposed to be in the living room, where I saw him last. I guess about 5 minutes had passed and I heard a shrill scream and crying come from my bedroom. I ran in because we know when our babies our hurt and he was sitting on the bed, hysterically pointing at the blinds and holding his neck telling me it hurt. I looked at his neck and it had red welts just the size and pattern of the twine that is used to hold these blinds up. All the way around his neck. His face was flushed and he had almost like petechia (sp) in a couple of places around it.

I just hugged him and made sure he was okay. But after a while, I started freaking out thinking that he somehow had it around his neck, clearly it had been pretty tight, but he had gotten himself out of it. And if he hadn't? Ugh, the thought turns my stomach.

How did he do it? Well, when you pull up the blind, there is a twine on either side that connects to the one you rolls up the blind evenly. But, the blind can be slipped out of it and will then completely unravel, leaving a loop of twine where the blind should be held. That loop is what he had put his neck & head into.

So we are replacing these blinds that I love so much with regular panels

I know I should have been watching him better and in a perfect world, he would be by my side every moment, but it can't always be that way, so I'd rather get rid of them than risk having that happen again...maybe next time with different results.