Saturday, January 29, 2005

Lost in a forest

I have made a friend locally and she's really nice. We don't attend church and are not religious. I realize that we don't quite fit in in that manner here in this area. It seems like EVERYONE attends, even those who otherwise don't practice religion. You can't go anywhere for lunch on Sundays after 12pm because it's just too crowded, so we know those things. I have probably been invited to every church in the area (that's a LOT of churches) and since it's rarely someone I'll ever see again, I thank them politely and say buh-bye.

But, this friend has invited me to her church probably 5 times. It's been via email and she's given me brochures, etc. We see each other at Kindermusik and crops. I don't say anything, just thank her. I am kind of worried she'll think differently of me because we don't attend. I mean, obviously she likes me already or she wouldn't be hanging out with me, so not wanting to hang out on the basis that I don't ATTEND church, that would be ridiculous and I don't know why I am so worried. I mean, I don't think differently of her although I don't want to attend church and she does.

So, more to the point. The most recent invitation asked me if I'd given any thought to taking her up on her invitation. My options, I guess, are to continue to dodge the issue or just say to her that we don't attend. I can't tell her that I have another church, because, well, it would be a lie.

Wish I could just dodge the whole thing. I don't want to talk about it.