Thursday, June 23, 2005

Wow! Major Score at Nordstrom!

I have to brag. We were at the mall down in Charlotte yesterday and they have a Nordstrom, the only one in like the entire state maybe? Anyway, they were having that twice yearly sale, that is major...handbags, clothes super cheap, shoes, the whole deal! In the kids area, they sell Melissa & Doug sets, the garage, the fire house, etc. Jordan was playing with this display of the fire house and I noticed it was on the 30% off rack, so I asked the sales lady if they had more in the back. She looked and they didn't. It looked, though, like the display had all of the parts albeit played with. So, she looked it up, it was marked from $70 to $25!! I got the fire house and all the accessories for $25!

Major happy dance! Jordan is playing with it!