Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Okay, this is the second time!

A while back, a girl hit my child in class and no one in the school bothered to tell me about it. I had to hear it from a parent.

Well. THAT SAME PARENT said to me today "oh, did you know that your DD kissed a boy in class and got in trouble?"

Uh, uhhhhh come again? When did this happen? Oh, last week? Wow, yeah, NO I didn't hear about it. TYVM

So, I asked her about it and of course she wants to know where I heard it. I told her a parent. She said that it is true and her friend dared her to do it and the boy was embarrassed by it and she was made to apologize by the school guidance counselor (same one who didn't tell me about the hitting incident). He told her that he wouldn't be telling her mother about it.

I guess they figure it's her issue, but GODDAMN IT, I want the opportunity to talk to my daughter about it after the fact at the very least.

She said that because HE told her he wouldn't tell, that she thought he was saying that SHE shouldn't.