Sunday, June 22, 2008

Shingles? REALLY? SUCKS!

So all week, I had this awful itching and burning on my skin on my left hip. I didn't see anything and couldn't figure out what was going on, but my back hurt, too, like a nerve issue or something. Well, a friend of mine who is a P.A. said that it sounded like possible shingles. But since I didn't see any blisters I didn't think that was it.

Until this morning. I have a couple of raised red areas, looks like chicken pox (which is apparently how this started a zillion---well---28 years ago). All of a sudden, the itching, burning, etc made sense.

I just had it confirmed at urgent care and now will need to be on an antiviral, steroid and something for the itching.

My son has not had chicken pox, but I did break down and get him the pox vaccine last fall. Let's hope it works because the pox right now would be awful!

Oh, and I nearly died laughing when the doctor told me that it lies dormant after you have chicken pox for years and years and then stress can bring it on. Stress? It IS summer vacation!