Thursday, September 25, 2008

I'm NOT buying you a new one, child!

My daughter is such a scatterbrain when it comes to her stuff. She left her phone in her pants and we washed it last month...we had insurance, but the deductible was $50!! Got her a new one (same phone).

TONIGHT, I tell her to bring her laundry down. I don't check all pockets, who has the damned time? plus, she's 13. Anyway, we just retrieved her iPod from the WASHER.


So she says "well, if it doesn't work, you're going to buy me a new one, you're the one who told me to bring my clothes downstairs". HUH? LMAO I refuse. I will not replace it if it doesn't work. I guess we have to let it sit and see if it will work again.