Monday, January 5, 2009

Hand sanitizer = soap & water?

This annoys me to no end. Recently, I was in a bathroom and went up to the basin and watched as this lady left a stall with her daughter and just squirted her hands with sanitizer and said "this is good", and left. No water. No soap.

What annoys me MORE is that I sub at my kids' school quite a bit. Apparently some teachers have their students line up before snack or a meal and after recess time to get a squirt of hand sanitizer and go on about their business. The kids cannot believe it when I actually march them all to the sink and make them wash with soap and water.

It scares me to think that we are raising our kids to think that you don't have to wash your hands if you have a bottle of Purell. Never mind that you had to handle that bottle of Purell with your dirty hands to squirt some out.