Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I can't decide if I feel bad for him or just think he's stupid

Man donated sperm 3 times, believes he may be octuplets' dad

Especially interesting that she dated him for 3 years but he now believes she was married at the time. I wonder if he knew she was married. Either way, ew. Also find it interesting that she allegedly told him she had cancer and that's why she couldn't conceive.

I bet this dude was not smart enough to make sure his ass was covered in case this loon wanted to come after him for child support.

I could tell that he wasn't off the hook when a few weeks ago in her interview with Dateline she said something like that she would hope that their sperm donor would want to be involved in their lives. I could see right then that even if he WANTED to have nothing to do that she was going to go after him for mooolah.