Sunday, July 24, 2005

Preschool Dilemma

My ds will be 3 in September. He's been asking me about preschool lately, partially because one of his friends goes and talks about it and partially because he wishes he could go to school like big sis.

Here's my dilemma...I hadn't planned on sending him to preschool at least until he was 4. He's very attached and yes, still nursing. I mean, he's not like every 2 hours or anything, but a few times a day and at night. He's very shy around strangers, but outgoing when he gets to know people. The reason I hadn't planned on sending him to preschool was mostly because since I am at home, it's not necessary from that point of view.

My dd didn't go to preschool until she was 4. She went to a Montessori. Before that, she was with family members when I worked (I worked when she was small and went to school). My dd really benefitted (sp?) from the Montessori preschool and bloomed and thrived, but I was always of the impression that she was only then ready, I am not sure she would have been before that point.

Anyway, so my PLAN was that Jordan might go to preschool for pre-k to get socialized a little bit, but was not really planning to homeschool him, but send him maybe to a really nice art charter in our town.

Now that he's bugging me like 3 or 4 times a week with "are we going to preschool today?" do I need to let him try it out? I mean, I know that we are the parents and we ultimately decide, but maybe I should let him try it out a couple of times to see what it really is, instead of the fantasyland he might be thinking it is. Or...he could love it and we could stick with it 2 days a week or something...maybe 1 day, I don't know.