Monday, December 3, 2007

Oh yeah, you're a real class act!

So your dog brutally attacks mine in MY yard and you are now saying that because Animal Control has your dog in quarantine and it will likely be put to sleep or at the very least, you have to keep it in certain kind of confinement in your yard (boo fucking hoo) that you refuse to pay the vet bill because we have no proof? This after 4 days ago, you stood on my porch and told us how sorry you were and you worried that it could be a child someday.

Because YOUR WIFE told you that we can't sue you without photos of the attack (never mind that the police saw your dog wandering in your yard and mine, and animal control has my full statement given within hours of the attack), you're going to listen to her stupid ass? The dog is in your name. Have some common fucking sense.

At the very least, some class. I even asked you "are you sure you want to go there, you want to take this moral stance" and you said "well, if you don't have proof".

You're a loser. You live 2 doors down and would rather we let the entire neighborhood know that you and your remaining dogs are a danger and let everyone know what's going on than to do the right fucking thing. You'd rather be sued in court than do the right thing.

Loser. You will lose.