Saturday, December 22, 2007

Screwed up Xmas present from Ebay


My daughter LOVES the art of Amy Brown and I found a really cool book by Amy Brown on Ebay.

Auction ended and I paid immediately on 11/17.

I got this item about 3 days ago and waited until today to open it because DD is not home and I can wrap it.

I open it up and it's TWO of the VOLUME 1 books. These are VERY heavy books.

I am so irritated. I had ordered a fairy and a stand for DD from them, too, and it came separately about a week ago or so. I had emailed to find out if this was coming separately or what.

They explained that they don't actually HAVE any of these items, that they have to order them after they get your money. If I'd known that, I would have bought them on Amazon and gotten the in two days.

First, it's wrong to sell something you don't have, and second, now I am stuck with two of the same damned book. As you can see, they weren't cheap, either. I emailed them this:

Hi there. We've got another issue. I received the package and it
contains TWO of the volume 1, no volume 2. These were
Christmas gifts and at this point, I don't have exactly what I
ordered. I prefer not to have to pay to send one of the Volume 1s
back, so please let me know if you can send a self addressed,
posted label so that I can get it back to you.

As far as volume 2, I would like a refund for that (half of this
order, including shipping) and I will find it elsewhere.

OMG so I look at her feedback (DUH, should have done this first) and here's how it reads (I'm so screwed!):


It never occurs to me to check the feedback that people left for OTHER people before buying, but it appears that I should. I would ROFL, though, if that was the kind of negative feedback I got from them. Looks like they're on a roll this week.

Order was shipped on time and you're just a JERK! Seek professional help! Seller: fairyandfantasy ( 1155) Dec-20-07 23:47
-- (#200161079350) -- View Item
I hope these figs r a constant reminder of ur sad life and how much help u need! Seller: fairyandfantasy ( 1155) Dec-19-07 20:05
-- (#200161079334) -- View Item
I hope life turns around 4-U before you ruin it for anyone else. I feel bad 4-U. Seller: fairyandfantasy ( 1155) Dec-19-07 20:03
-- (#200171020703) -- View Item
I know ur pathetic but what else are you....Transgendered? Ugly? Poor?..So Sad! Seller: fairyandfantasy ( 1155) Dec-19-07 20:01
-- (#200171020144) -- View Item
I feel bad for your family. At least I can email and ebay block you! You're sad. Seller: fairyandfantasy ( 1155) Dec-19-07 19:58
-- (#200161079398) -- View Item
I'm sorry everyone hates you, but taking it out on me is just sad and pathetic. Seller: fairyandfantasy ( 1155) Dec-19-07 19:56
-- (#200161079404) -- View Item
Item was shipped a month ago (420 96818 9108 1501 3471 1038 9352 96) U R A JERK! Seller: fairyandfantasy ( 1155) Dec-19-07 16:20
-- (#200161079330)