Tuesday, January 1, 2008

I am my kids' mom. I am my kids' mom. Creeepy doll!

You know you want one!


Below are only a few of the 23 different phrases that the Dr. Laura action figure says when you press her button. (Batteries Included)

Sample Phrases

Now go do the right thing.
Don't argue with me, it makes me testy.
Be the kind of person you want to come home to every day.
Is this the hill you want to die on?
I am my kids' mom.

Dr. Laura is not only one of the most popular radio personalities in America, she is also a best selling author of 14 books, including 4 children's books. Best known for her no-nonsense approach to parenting and her unwavering commitment to children, Dr. Laura always believes everyone should "go do the right thing".

The Dr. Laura Action Figure stands 11 inches tall and is packaged in a display box that includes her biography and photos from her personal collection. Dr. Laura herself was involved in the creation of the doll to ensure that this action figure is as true to life as possible.