Friday, January 18, 2008

I don't understand...

How can a woman live with a man she cannot stand? Like several of my friends talk about their husbands like they are their cross to bear. I was pining away that DH will be gone for 5 days at the end of the month, and she was like "well gosh, I am always so glad when my DH is gone because then he's not undermining me constantly with the kids and complaining of what I made for dinner". I am always speechless when I hear stuff like this. Really, people live this way? I live for the moment my DH gets home. He is helpful with the kids and I cannot remember him ever complaining about dinner. If dinner is ready when he gets home, it's like he won the lottery.

Of course, my friends tell their husbands "well, Erin's husband would...." and I always cringe when they tell me that they said that. These guys probably want to burn him at the stake!

I guess I never realized that I had this special case or was "lucky" to have the DH I have. I don't consider it "luck" since I made that choice consciously and did have a choice.