Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The girl in the ugly scarf

That's me!

Yeah, yeah...bitching about the MIL again. She told me that my scarf is ugly. Yep. I have an orange scarf that I love, like pumpkin orange. It's gotten a little pilly, but nothing major. Well, today, I was wearing it on my way out and she stopped me and told me that my scarf is ugly and old. LOL Yeah. I'm not kidding. She doesn't speak a LOT of English, but she knows ugly apparently and made the face to go along with it. She gave me money to buy a new one. Oh I know, that sounds all sweet and all, but WTF with telling me that something I clearly like is ugly?? She sees that if I really want something, I'll get it, so really, it's not about thinking that I couldn't otherwise afford it.

Man, who does she think she is? I want to scream. I seriously, I just want to scream. I actually left the house and cried because I am so frustrated.