Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Oh I'm losing my miiiinddd!

My MIL from Turkey is visiting. She speaks very limited English. I speak like 3 words of Turkish. She's been here 2 weeks. She's not leaving till the 22nd. I am SO not into sharing my space. When my kids are in school, I often study. But having someone here makes me looney! Like I am just, I feel like staying in my room all the time because I feel like she's just watching me all the time.

I know that sounds awful. A month is a really freaking long time. She does the dishes, which is nice, but she will be right behind me every single time I put something in the sink. She's trying constantly to push food on my kids, even after they've refused it in ways that she completely understands. She has made my 6-year-old cry twice because she keeps insisting on things and he gets really frustrated. Makes me want to scream.

This is just such a bad time to have someone in my "downtime" space. I am so stressed between getting the house closed this week and the kids' activities, tests in school, PTA stuff, etc that I just want to come home and just know that I am totally, completely alone sometimes.

I KNOW it's just a month, but my GOD it feels like a year already.

The upside is that she doesn't understand English, so she doesn't realize what a b@#$% I am.