Monday, December 8, 2008

Aww I ruin his surprises EVERY TIME!

Okay, so I have a habit of ruining DH's surprises for Xmas. Not on purpose, but something always goes wrong and he THINKS he knows what I want or it's something I wanted, but then realized that I didn't, or an obvious charge will show up while I am doing bills or something, yk?

I am not really a jewelry girl. Like I like a few certain pieces, but it's never been my "thing".

Last year, he bought me one of those Journey necklaces because I kept oohing and aahing over the commercials for like 2 years...because I like the commercials. Well, it was a LOT smaller than what he thought it would have been when it arrived and by the time it got here, I really didn't want it. He offered to take it back and get me something I really really wanted and that was fine, but I felt bad. I didn't tell him I didn't want it anymore, but he was mad that it was too small, and that was sort of my out.

This year, I was drooling over a necklace that I saw online somewhere and he caught me looking at it and was curious because I was like dang, that's nice. I didn't say I freaking wanted it. I just commented on it. Well, a box came last week addressed to him and he whisked it away. Not before I noticed the return address. I figured it was some musical instrument when I saw it was addressed to him (it was small, but he orders different guitar pedals), but I just left it sit there. LATER, he was talking about how he only needed to get my stocking stuffers and I remembered him telling me that he ordered me something that would be very obvious when it got here so I should just avoid the packages for a while LMAO. I know, right?

Well, I put it together and I know where that box came from. I also know that IF it's where I think it came from, I DON'T WANT TO OWN THAT NECKLACE. I thought it was nice, but the chain won't even fit me on the one I was looking at. I am so freaked out that he got me something that I won't be able to wear. It wasn't cheap, IF it's what I think it is.

Here's the thing. This is like the 5th Christmas or so that I just KNEW what he got me before Christmas came. I don't WANT to know, I just DO. I'm Christmas psychic or something. And I swear, I talked about this necklace in like October, so WTH?

OMG, now that I am putting this all down, I am cracking up at how silly it sounds, but I am really bummed that he spent some $$ on something that I really don't care that much about LOL It's not proportionate LOL