Thursday, May 7, 2009

What a sweet surprise!!

My dog was making me crazy and pacing and whining and I figured maybe she needed to go out, so I snapped on her leash and took her out to the yard. While we were on the side of the house, I noticed some little red balls in the grass. On closer inspection, I realized that they were little strawberries! Now, I've never intentionally been able to grow anything, and I know that now that I've seen them, they HAVE to all die because that's the way of my black thumb, but how cute are these?


Pardon My French said...

Those are pretty darn great! I'm actively trying to grow strawberries yet, the tomatoes are barely hanging on. said...

Yum! My strawberries are still green and flowery. Last year, the squirrels beat me to them LOL This year, I am planning to grab em up!