Thursday, November 15, 2007

I'm pretty sure that if there's a hell, I'm going to it MIL has been here for about 3 weeks. Yeah, I am not kidding. And she's not leaving until the Saturday after Thanksgiving!

The fun part...she speaks very little English, and is somewhat disabled because of a botched knee surgery from many years ago.

I am losing my mind. She's pretty much no help while she's here AND I have to constantly worry about what she thinks about everything. She is constantly running after me and my kids with food trying to make us eat it, although we will say "no thanks" (and yes, she does understand that, we do communicate some).

I NEED MY @#%$&*& SPACE! She showed up during a week that I was finalizing plans on a huge conference, and I am pretty much gone most of the day. But when I come home, I want to be ALONE. ALONE. I want to, some days, just veg out. But then she insists on speaking to me.

When my husband gets home, no one else but her can talk to him. She will talk right over me and the kids and just talks about the same shit all the time.

Of course, my kids are always underdressed, can't believe I let my son go around the house with no socks on (he's 5 and it's 74 degrees most of the time inside). Can't believe I let them drink water with ice in it...they will likely die of pneumonia.

She actually will call the pets "come Mysti" and gets them all riled up, but she's terrified of the cat AND the dog and keeps telling my husband that cats carry disease and not safe around the kids. He knows better, but SHUT UP.

My favorite part is that she tells him EVERYTHING that she observed that day.

I have NO secrets from my husband, but it gets on my damned nerves that she tells him how many times I was home, gone, what I ate for lunch, if I changed my clothes 3 times, if I was on the phone for a whole hour...


My kids are both in school and STILL I am geting no peace.


And now...I am sure I am going to hell.