Thursday, November 8, 2007

Oh NO she didn't!

We have had some somewhat volatile times on our PTA board, but the {expletive} is about the hit the fan.

There was an issue between two committees (not being specific lest I bore you to death with the details), and this morning the words "well, why can't she do it, she doesn't work?" were uttered to me by another member of the board about the other.

WHOA. I said that that was not a factor at all in this issue, but man, my blood was boiling. I had to stay professional and nice, but that woman was talking about ME when she talks about a mama who doesn't have a job outside the home. I don't. So obviously she was trying to make a point, even to me, who spends about 40 hours a week on NON-PAYING volunteer work.

We have a board meeting tomorrow and I am scared that the shit is reallllly gonna hit the fan.