Monday, November 19, 2007

Ugh my cat is in bad shape!

My cat was scratching her ears up a month or so ago (more probably), and I thought it was ear mites. Took her to the vet and she tested negative for ear mites. They gave us antibiotic and a shot of cortisone and said that she would get better. A couple of weeks later, the ears were healed, but she started scratching at a spot on her neck (right under the collar on the left side). Just scratching it RAW and bloody. Took her back to the vet...which is no easy feat because she HATES the cage and going anywhere and she throws up and poops in the cage every single time we leave the house. I got scratched pretty badly last time, too.

The vet shaved the area and did a fungal culture. They also did cytology on a lump she has from the cortisone injection she got the first time we went to the vet. That was negative. Still there, though.

Basically, the put her on a prednisone taper schedule and an antibiotic. It started to heal. But she keeps scratching it. This was a couple of weeks ago that we did the vet last.

The vet said that she MIGHT have some sort of allergy. I just switched her to the Blue Buffalo organic food for sensitive skin (all whole).

She just scratched it back open last night and it was pretty bloody. I cleaned it and put neosporin on it, but I am just at a loss. She can't do the e-collar because the area in question is where the ecollar would go.

The vet did say that the fungal culture showed that something that is a soil contaminate (gypsum?) grew, but my cat has been outside ONCE and that was about 6 years ago by accident. I guess we could have brought it in, but the doctor thinks it's a fluke and totally unrelated.

My cat has always had runny eyes, too...which could indicate allergies, although a vet many years ago said it was nothing.

I am just tired. We've spent $500 at the vet in the last 6 weeks and are no closer to figuring this out or clearing it up.