Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Oh bad, bad day so far! My poor doggie!

I almost never talk like that because I feel like it's tempting fate, but I have to tell you what has happened today.

This morning, we tied our dog to the deck like we do every morning (very long leash (several leashes actually) so she could do her biz while we get ready for the day.

Suddenly, I hear a major dog scuffle and hear barking that is not my dog. Then it starts sounding like fighting. I am telling my DH that I think there's a dog hurting our dog, but he thinks they're playing. Suddenly, you could just tell. And our dog was UNDER the deck with this dog about twice it's size, a huge boxer, and I started panicking. DH is trying to scare the dog away, but we are both freaking out. Then the dog comes out from under the deck and it's silent. And this dog is white...but covered in blood. I started yelling at DH that he let that dog kill my dog, wahh wahhh, and I tell him I cannot go out and see, he has to go out.

He went out and finds that she is badly injured, but not dead. She was bleeding pretty badly.

We took her to the vet and the running tab so far is about $800. I am just sick. I am sick that my dog is hurt, that this dog, who I've already asked the owners to keep on a leash (no leash laws here) hurt my dog, and because we had some unexpected (actually vet for my cat and medical) bills had already come up, I am just scrambling trying to put together enough to pay the vet. Bah. Figures.

I called the cops this morning and they sent an officer out. They went to their house to tell them what had happened and to keep their dogs in, but they didn't answer although both cars were there.

Animal control came out and took our statement and said that they will serve them today with paperwork saying that they are taking them to court to prove the dog is a "potential danger", but the police won't take a report because the dog didn't hurt a person.

I guess the next step is to sue these people for the vet bills, but I don't know...

DH is home with me today because I made him take her to the vet and all of that since I was too shaken up and had to get the kids to school.

I am glad this didn't happen while I was home alone, I get very squeamish and would have totally panicked.

The vet says that she has OTHER problems, too. What we were told by a vet years ago was inoperable cataracts is apparently actually GLAUCOMA, which is treatable...dammit, and she has some something something sclerosis in her hind legs. She's an old dog, maybe 10, 11 years old, but man, it's just racking up.

Oh, and she's been in surgery all morning for deep lacerations to her hind legs and under around her tail, and that damned dog knocked her tooth out, too, I guess she must have been trying to defend herself. My poor blind dog.