Thursday, April 16, 2009

Dinner time is FUN time!!

Dinner Games by FamilyTimeFun has been a great way to spark and carry on conversation over dinner.  Amazingly, the kids don't bicker and I don't notice my daughter's elbows on the table or the food falling out of my son's mouth as he shouts the answer to a question because we are having so. much. fun.

We love the A, B, City card where the first person names a geographic location that starts with A, like Australia, and the next names a location that starts with B, like Boston and it goes around the table that way until you get to Z.  We have also varied that and used people's names, animals, etc.  

As well as being fun, I like that it sometimes brings up talking points, like the Situation Challenge cards, which bring up moral dilemmas (nothing too heavy, I promise) and everyone gets to go around answering what they would do in response to the dilemma.  We always start with the youngest because, of course, the adults can share what they would do and usually we've been there and done that, so the kids get to learn.  The kids' answers are sometimes funny and it's sometimes hard not to laugh, but it beats my daughter wailing that her brother is kicking her under the table.  He forgets to do that when we play this. 

Don't judge me because sometimes I hide it if we have somewhere to be after dinner.

Family Time Fun's Dinner Games comes in two different age ranges.  The Beginner Dinner Games is for ages 3-6 and the Original Dinner Games is geared toward children ages 6-12.  This is a great way to stay connected or reconnect during the hectic day.  You can even play them at breakfast if you want to be rebels.