Friday, April 24, 2009

Things Moms WANT!

My husband has asked me to put together a list of things that I might want for Mother's Day. He's not going to get me everything on the list, so don't get all envious and stuff. He just doesn't want to buy me something that I *really* don't want. He also isn't good at surprises because I somehow, unwittingly, end up finding out what it is before I get it, so he just prefers the straightforward approach. I'm okay with that, too, actually.

Some of the things I want are:

Keurig Coffee Maker -MudBug is giving one of these away and I want it SO bad I can TASTE the Gloria Jean's Southern Pecan coffee RIGHT NOW! I tend to waste coffee because I have a decent enough Delonghi maker, but I don't know how to make less than four cups since the first fill line is 4 cups. I try to limit to two cups these days...or three...but never four!!! Never. So it would be really nice to be able to make them one cup at a time. I'd say that you should go enter that giveaway, but I really want to win!

Seattle Chocolates Fleurish Hat Box -MyGourmetConnection has a giveaway for one of these and I just love, love, love getting chocolate for any occasion! The hat box is cute and I am sure that I could reuse it for something! Truffles are my absolute favorite chocolate and this box is supposed to have an assortment, so...need to put this on my list. I entered their giveaway because I couldn't resist, but just in case I don't know...

Go Girly or Go Home Tee Shirt! I want ALL of them, seriously, but the "Today Has Been a Total Waste of Lip Gloss" shirt is my favorite! Aaaand...I guess I have to tell you about their giveaway, too, although I wanna wiiiin! Me!

I may add to this list, but this is the "short list". Poor DH!