Thursday, April 16, 2009

EarthLust Stainless Steel Bottles

When you read about the health concerns regarding water bottled in plastic, such as this article from the San Francisco Chronicle or this one from that talks about the possibility of Connecticut, California, Oregon, Hawaii and several other states banning the sale of plastic baby bottles, food containers and cups containing BPA, you know why more and more moms (and everyone else) are choosing aluminum or stainless steel bottles.  I personally choose stainless steel over aluminum because aluminum has been linked to Alzheimer's Disease and takes considerably more energy and resources to mine.  

I much prefer using reusable bottles to disposable, but then it becomes an accessory and like any accessory, you want it to stand out; to reflect your personality or say something about you. Right? I cannot be alone there.  

Anyway, I have used many brands of reusable bottles over the years, but my new favorite reusable bottles are by West Coast-based EarthLust. Their bottles are made of food grade stainless steel and their caps are made of BPA-free polypropolene.  

They make the bottles from their own custom mold and they create a lot of the art themselves.  I personally sport the 20 oz. bottle show above, which is the Limited Edition Parsley design
and since my daughter is a huge owl freak, I bought her the one shown below.  We have both received countless compliments and inquiries about our bottles because they are just so cool looking!  Be a trend setter and head on over to EarthLust and choose from well over a dozen different unique designs.  


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