Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Ripped from the pages of my old blog

I know that some of my readers and some of my MD friends will remember this gem. I posted this first in January, but it came to mind again today when a bottle of detergent slipped out of my hands.

From January:
How can I say that it's been a crappy day and it's TEN AM???

How you might ask? I was all geared up for another sick day with the kid and was making him some eggs when I hear a loud noise from the laundry room. Apparently when I started laundry, I didn't realize that DH had put the new HUGE size detergent half on the washer and half on the counter next to the washer. Well, it had fallen during the spin cycle and the cap broke and it splashed all over the place. Our doggie sleeps in there and thankfully it hadn't fallen on her and she ran out after it happened, but it had splashed all over her, all over the laundry room, and was glug glug glugging a river all over her favorite blanket and the rest of everything else on the floor. Well then she comes in after me and, well, bless her heart because she's blind, she steps on and knocks over her water bowl and it runs into the detergent, which is super slippery and I slip and fall into the detergent mess. Meanwhile, my son, NO KIDDING, is talking to me about Star Wars and is trying to give me a LIGHT SABER so we can play. He's SIX! He can't see that I am wallowing in laundry detergent, trying to get up. So I yell at him that I CAN'T PLAY RIGHT NOW and he starts crying and so that adds to the funness of this sitch.

My dog has detergent on her fur, so I get her into the bath and she's trying to climb out and shaking her fur all over at the same time and I am just like thinking "this is hell, there really IS a hell and this is it" and my cat comes into the bathroom sniffing around and then the dog goes really nuts and jumps out of the tub and I'm chasing down slippery, wet dog and finally got her rinsed and somewhat dry.

But you know what? That really sucked


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